Judy Archangel

Judy Archangel
It was interesting to see the initial definition of family conflicting with what the definition of family stands for today. The family varies across different race, culture and customs but the universal language for family is love and being cared for as a group together. Most people considered the ones who love them as family and not necessarily the biological parent or blood relatives. It was very interesting to see the “family” in other cultures, the differences in the construct of family and it seems to work just fine for each culture.

With regards to the LGBTQ community, it is unfortunate that the struggle for that community has been ongoing for such a long time. Their struggles starts with their family lives, “Coming of out the closet,” and for many has been a painful process. Some maintained heterosexual relationships while secretly having gay/lesbian relationships. Some progress has been made and many are now more open about their sexual orientation. Unfortunately the recent mass shooting in Florida has once again shed the spotlight on how tedious the struggle has been for the LGBTQ community. The senseless killing of so many innocent people is so difficult to process in one’s mind.

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  1. Lili Zou says:

    From this pass weekend there has been so many reports about the mass shooting, and as someone who lives in a city filled with all different types of people, hatred, racism, love, and acceptance, I’ve honestly thought I’ve seen a lot of different situations and horror already but apparently not. For me, what stood our for me the most was after the event took place, the line for people to donate blood to the victims touched my heart. It might not mean a lot to many but at that moment I thought everyone was “family,” everyone was willing to give something that they had to someone who were unfortunately in that horrible situation. Everyone placed down their walls and their definitions of family to give a hand to someone they might not have even known. So is this enough to be called family? Love? Acceptance?


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