Katherine Lloyd

In light of the recent tragedy, I began to think about the dynamic of my queer family. I am lucky enough to wonderful blood relatives, but for some of my closest friends the only family is the one we’ve created and celebrated in safe spaces. Now that someone has infiltrated a safe space, people feel vulnerable, but across the board in the LGBTQ community we see just how love and family unity can bring people together and work toward a change. We’ve all got to take care of one another.

I wanted to share this clip from one of my favorite films, Paris is Burning. It is a documentary about NYC "ball" culture and attempts to express what life is like for queer and trans people of color. The film is directed by Jenny Livingston, who at the time was a student at NYU and saw some dancers voguing in Washington Square Park. She was mesmerized. The film not only displays the hardships that this group had endured, but it showed how marginalized groups reinvent the notion of "family," and how they work their rejection from society into their performance.The clip I’ve chosen is a scene where two young kids are discussing what family means in their community and why they have chosen to be surrounded by each other.

Paris is Burning-The two kids

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