Alberto Rodriguez

Greetings all- I’ve finally made it!

Please forgive me for going against the rules, but for some reason my brain functions better whilst discussing the reading rather than when by myself.

When discussing the Feminist Rethinking from Racial-Ethnic Families, a film came to mind, "The Help". The film is based in 1950’s Mississippi where Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights movement was every day life.

A particular a scene where Emma Stone, playing Skeeter, asks Viola Davis, playing Aibileen:

"What does it feel like, to raise a while child when your own child is at home….being looked after by somebody else?"

Aibileen doesn’t respond in the film, but looks toward a photo of her son with tears running down her face.

Women of caucasian, or white background have been able to so successful historically on the backs of women of color. Unfortunately, women of color have been forced into labor filled work.

If you haven’t seen it, please do!

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