Stephanie Amis

Looking through my Facebook feed this morning, I’ve read a lot of angry posts about the two year old dying in the gator attack. These posts reflect the anger people feel for the double standards and seemingly white supremacy factor between this case and the gorilla case. These people want to know why aren’t there any petitions for child neglect charges to be brought against the parents, outrage for the death of 4/5 alligators, media coverage of the crime history of the father, or media bashing of the parents. Moreover, society seem to have more empathy for the white family than the black family.

What I gathered from all these opinions is that…. Parents make mistakes. I think as a society, we forget that parents are human beings that make bad choices. I think when it’s really hot outside and you’re on a man-made beach and your son is playing in water… You’re not thinking an alligator is going to attack. Just like if you’re at the zoo and you have four children with you and you turn away for a second… You’re not thinking one of them will climb the fence into the gorilla enclosure. Parents make mistakes all the time, it’s apart of life. I don’t understand why we judge so much in this society but call ourselves a Christian nation? Or why we think as individuals that somehow we are so perfect to scrutinize each other? I think we forget to feel and have empathy for each other… We just rather run to social media to express unjustifiable opinions. Society have built so many imaginary constructs to separate us that now we don’t even know how to stand as one… Are we not human beings first and foremost?

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