Niurka Gonzalez

In the article Historical perspectives on Family Diversity it discusses how throughout centuries , family size, duties , and responsibility have changed over time. As seen in old movies and books, family size used to be from 8-12 children per family. This article made me remember my own grandparents, i feel like they would relate to that same background.

I know my grandparents do. Not only with their siblings but with their own kids. Thats where my parents generation comes in. On my mothers side she has 5 siblings, not counting three that passed away while she was young , because my grandmother didn’t have enough resources to help support them. On my fathers side he has 5 siblings and 6 half brothers and sisters and also not counting the 2 that passed away. I guess as you can see, my father had the most siblings.

I asked my grandfather why he had so many children if he barely had enough money to support them in what they needed. His answer was just plain simple, his answer was to help him work in the plantation he owns in Mexico. Not to just work but to help him sell all the manufacture  goods he  made in there and last but not least he hoped that since he raised them, as he gets older , all of his children will help him in the last couple of years of his life. Although it really didn’t ended like that . My two uncles and father were the only ones that helped him.

Now that i got older , my father always mentions why he only had my brother and me as his only two kids. He said that no matter how big the family is, If You can’t support them emotionally and financially , the best idea is to just have two. One will just be lonely and two will be a perfect pair.

Now a days raising two kids is as expensive it was back then to raise 5 kids at once. Crazy right ? But that’s how it is in today’s economy status in the states and also in Mexico or any where else around the world.

As i see the relationship between my father and his siblings , honestly i couldn’t agree any better with what he has told me because till this day ever since i turned 14 and now I’m 23 i have no connection with my extended family. I’m happy with Just my nuclear family. And now to a new addition to the family our puppy batman completes the “perfect modern family”.

I guess since in my grandfathers generation, machines still didn’t existed and also he was really old school, he raised his kids like he was raised.

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  1. Kristin says:

    I really enjoyed reading a bit about your family history, Niurka. And you raise a good point – now factoring in the “cost” of having children seems increasingly important. It’s crazy to me to think of children as contributors to the family income, but it used to happen that way! Now we’re faced with additional costs at every turn; childcare, extracurricular activities, clothes, toys, the list goes on. For many families, there are also emotional changes that come with having children and that may add the cost of therapy to the family budget. Balancing careers and domestic life can be very stressful!


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