Lili Zou

In the article Dating and Romantic Relationships Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths, the author Ritch Williams talked about the importance of establishing romantic relationships. He described the desires and needs of us building a trustful, and intimate relationship and often times it disregards the sexual orientation of the partner. Now, because I’m not a parent its hard for me to imagine what a parent goes through if their child tells them that maybe their sexual orientation isn’t what they’ve expected. I know that many parents do accept it but also many that don’t, and of course it’ll be hard because they too know the value of a relationship. Now, if you were someone who doesn’t support your child, but you knew and learned the importance of having a trustful and intimate relationship, would you then change your mind and support your child?
Would you rather keep your child from exploring and finding the right one or allow them to continue on with their lives. I know that in a Chinese family, it is extremely hard to be accepted by your parents, family, and sometimes even friends. I know a couple of friends who are gay and lesbian, and I’ve noticed that only my Chinese friends don’t really express themselves in front of their parents or even dare to let their parents know. I would ask them why and they’ll just tell me because they kick me out or not want me anymore and I for some reason I wasn’t surprised to hear those words. Since we are a pretty diverse class, I wanted to ask you guys, what would you do? What would your reaction be as a parent? Or if your husband or wife disagreed with your decisions or your child’s decisions what would you do?

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