The Sex Lives of College Students — The Cut

The article on “Choosing Mates” for tonight’s class is reminding me of an issue of New York Magazine from Oct 2015 about College Sex, with particular emphasis on “hooking up” culture. I’m sure much has been written about “hooking up” – seems like the “grownups” and fascinated by what “the kids” are doing these days. Feel free to share any other articles you may have come across. Do you think “hooking up” is a progressive statement about young peoples’ comfort with themselves, their sexuality, good natured egalitarian fun? or does it maintain gendered social problems? is it damaging?

Either way, I can say I’m pretty happy to not be in college in the 2010s…

The Sex Lives of College Students — The Cut

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1 Response to The Sex Lives of College Students — The Cut

  1. Lili Zou says:

    I don’t know how to say it in the right words, but I don’t see the harm in meeting new people or just going out and having fun, but “hooking up” with an individual that you’ve just met is not okay with me. Maybe its just the way I’ve grown up, even though I’m surrounded by friends who party and have fun all the time, I still believe in keeping a distance until I really get to know someone? The risks is just too high for a moment of fun. You don’t necessarily need to “hook up” with someone to be part of anything.


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