Judy Archangel

Marriage today seems to be different than in earlier times. It seemed to have evolved into a more personalizes arrangement, whereas the unmarried people are saying that they won’t get married until they meet their soul mate, it show that they are seeking a more personal relationship.
The reference to marriage as “greedy” has some truth to it in my opinion. It does require many comprises on both part as well as demanding at times. The woman however seems to have of the responsibilities, even if she is working. She is more involved in taking care of the children and most of the household duties.
The concept of marriage is in-grained into the mind of young girls. They are groomed or reared for motherly duties even through play with dolls, doll-houses as well as other household items, even in the stories they read or movies they see. Girls meet Prince Charming, they fall in love and they get married and live happily ever after. It is no surprise,that the divorce rate is so high because we have such high expectations and sometimes unrealistic hopes of changing someone into a person we would like them to be. Maybe cohabitation is not such a bad idea, the couple can live together grow together and it gives them a chance to see if they could spend a lifetime together.
I think the marriage status in society puts a lot of pressure on the unmarried person because they are not married. I also think that changes that the marriage establishment is experiencing could be beneficial to society/people. People are more aware of what they want and are not afraid to reject what was set up by society.

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