Lili Zou

The article Marriage: The good, the bad, and the greedy made me think and realized that even though we say today’s society is very open minded and pretty much accepts anything we human beings have in store, but how come marriage is still a taboo? Not the positives of marriage but the negatives. How come it’s hard to speak about the disadvantages of marriage? Of course, as stated in the article, marriage not only has economical and social benefits but also physical and mental benefits, but we often forget the sacrifices made. Not only is our freedom taken away due to our newly added roles but our roles as a daughter or faithful son is taken away too. "Married people, women as well as men are less involved with their parents and siblings"(Gerstel). Often times people avoid talking about the bad and difficulties of marriage and often frown upon people who chooses not to have a married life. Why? How come we can’t have kids or have a career without having a spouse? How come no matter how much our society changes singles are still frown upon? Do we have to give up certain roles and identities for us to gain another?

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  1. alaphia26 says:

    This question you pointed out about people avoiding to talk about the bad and difficulties of marriage has also been bothering me after reading the article. My opinion about this is that I think in our society marriage is seen as a scared relic that communities and some politicians as whole want to promote for whatever reason. So I think the images fed to us would focus on the benefit marrying another would bring. So to make sure more people marry, we are also fed more images that being single specifically woman is bad. Maybe this all occurs because marriage is a scared construction that means success. So criticism would destroy the scared image and destroys whatever agenda promoting marriage causes.


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