niurka gonzalez

Is their a universal definition of marriage? Media in the united states compared to the Eastern culture show different meanings. The article “Marriage The good, The bad, and The greedy” made me think of the article we read last time entitled “Arranged Marriages: What’s Love Got To Do With It?” . Also made me remember of a mini documentary i once saw of different marriage traditions, showing scenes and a brief summary of what marriage means to them. below will be the link that i found it is on youtube
so i hope you guys find it helpful and interesting, as it did to me

questions i have in mind:

Do you believe family (extended family) as well as society should have a say in your marriage and or be a part of it?

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  1. alaphia26 says:

    I honestly believe we don’t actually have a choice about how society effects our choices regarding marriage. I believe this because what define us are our experience. And since most of us live in some type of community or society, our experiences will be effected by society. So our decisions regarding marriage will be effected from society. Because we can’t define who we are with out looking at the factors around us. So we don’t really have a choice about society role in our life.


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