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I had written an essay that deals with topics adjacent to and directly with the family institution and wanted to share with the class.

I wanted display my work not only because I’m happy it’s published but we will be discussing the role and idea of "the father." Because it is so easy to walk away, there is a particular commendation for a "good dad," when most likely he is just being a parent. I give credit where credit is due, but most of the time women are expected to perform these tasks as a labor of love, and are not given the same recognition.

The essay is a personal story about my terminated pregnancy. so if this is triggering to anyone please be mindful!

Either way, I hope you enjoy my essay!


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  1. Amazing story! Just shows how strong women are and expected to be. But it’s awesome that you were able to make the best choice for yourself at that time. I’m sorry, that so many women go through this without the male counterpart. However, it’s great to have awesome supportive friends too. Thanks, for sharing your story with the world.


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