Judy Archangel

These articles gave much information on the life of the African- American children and their parents. Parenting is not an easy task, it does present many challenges and I found myself being very sympathetic to the African-American fathers who said that it was difficult for them to father their children in the way set up by society, especially when they themselves were not exposed to many of the benefits experienced by the other parents. I have frequently found myself asking why were there so many fathers absent in the lives of their children in that community. This sort of gave me some insight into the situation.
The chapter on using donors as fathers was also very touching when the children were asking for their fathers. I understood the mothers need to do this. The desire to have a child is sometimes so strong that we have to consider all options. Women today are much more independent, stable and financially secure to contemplate this method of having a child. I must say I thought of doing this at one point in my life but was discouraged by my friends who had children of their own. They said it was a selfish decision because a child needs his/her father. I wasn’t sure I believed them, until I had my son and I saw how important the relationship with his dad was to him. Children are curious beings and they do ask questions, sometime difficult ones.

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2 Responses to Judy Archangel

  1. Lili Zou says:

    I agree with you that having a relationship with both parents is extremely valuable and important to a child. On one hand, many children these days live in single-parent families and many do just fine, but in my opinion having both parents in a child’s life is necessary. Or even just have adults that they can talk to and communicate to is important. As children grow they often encounter situations that may be difficult for them to tell one parent. For example most boys won’t feel comfortable telling their mom about a girl they like or a girl asking her dad for his opinion on a prom dress. I strongly believe that its important for a child to have an adult they can relate to and ask for help. The types of relationships establish between each parent is special and different.


  2. I think many people grow up in single parent homes that it almost becomes a norm. But we forget that father’s are needed for more than their reproductive abilities. They also want to see their child grow and to teach their sons manhood. Father are sometimes forgotten by society and often not appreciated. A lot of institutional structures in America strip African American men of opportunities to care for their children.
    The work force, prison, laws, educational system are already built against black men because these structures were built to benefit white privilege. As the stories continue to be told by black people, it hard not to see how much African Americans suffered throughout the centuries. This is just another important light being shed.


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