Family policies resources

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Weekly Address: Bringing our Workplace Policies into the 21st Century |

Work Family Policies & Child Well-Being presentation to Pop Reference Bureau (2011). summary of presentation here

National Partnership for Women & Families  includes a Work & Family Policy Database as a resource for use by the public, policymakers, researchers, advocates and the media. The database provides an overview of the bills that have been proposed and the laws that have passed in various states to address select work and family issues.

Office of Children and Family Services

National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia

Council on Contemporary Families

National Council on Family Relations

US Census Bureau Data on Families and Living Arrangements


I’m Insanely Jealous of Sweden’s Work-Family Policies. You Should Be, Too. BY JONATHAN COHN June 22, 2014

“Make Family Policy Great Again” op ed by Ross Douthat MAY 28, 2016 – satirical, but includes many helpful links

When Family-Friendly Policies Backfire Claire Cain Miller,  MAY 26, 2015
Family-friendly policies can help parents balance jobs and responsibilities at home, and go a long way toward making it possible for women with children to remain in the work force. But these policies often have unintended consequences.

The U.S. ranks last in every measure when it comes to family policy, in 10 charts  June 23, 2014

Hands Off! Parenting Wisdom From Around the World: A Review of Christine Gross-Loh’s Parenting Without Borders

Book review: ‘Parenting Without Borders’ surveys global families

Review: Parenting Without Borders

SOCIAL POLICY AND THE FAMILY Janet Zollinger Giele (1979)

Women and children first: towards a US family policy.

more categories (some of these may not have been included in the list you received on the assignment):

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