Niurka gonzalez

In the article written by Edin and Kefelas, it spoke about a teenage girl that dropped out of high-school when she became pregnant . Teen preganancy is known to happen more often in urban areas across the country. This article spoke out to me the most, because two of my closest friends became pregnant at an early age. When i was in middle school and in high school, honestly from my perspective view point, getting pregnant was like a “cool thing”. It seemed like everyone was getting pregnant just like the article said in the begining, ” it is something of a badge of honor” (pg. 725).

One of them became pregnant at age 13 when we was in middle school. Her boyfriend was 16 at the time and my other friend got pregnant at age 18. Of course they took time off of school because of the baby but they never really decided to go back to school after.

When they finally decided to go back at age 20, they managed to finish their GED.

As they look back, they don’t regret having their child. They just felt like they should have waited. They felt like they missed their whole teenage and early adult life exploring the world. Although they managed to find full, time jobs but they felt like it wasn’t enough.

We now stay in contact but not as much as we were before, we all have our responsibilities of course. The girl that got pregnant at 18 is now a certified nurse , she managed to go to school and also be a full time employe. My other friend who got pregnant at age 13, has become a supervisor for the restaurant she works in.

These girls had a wild childhood, I should know because we used to hangout all the time. Started to go to parties at a young age and even after the baby was born and making their mother take care of the child. But just like the article, their child made them have a motivation in order to get and give what they child deserves.

Did i ever felt like i was out of the loop? In other words did I ever felt like having a kid at a young age? Yes, at one point I did. With social media persuading teenage pregnancy in some way such as movies and in music videos. And having the mind set of having “nothing in common with my friends no more” i honestly did. But now as a 23, year old i am no where near thinking of having a child of my own right now . Time will come, just not now. I still feel like i really don’t know what i want for my future, so why would I bring a little version of me into the world.

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