Judy Archangel

Judy Archangel

I think a woman making the choice to stay home and raise their children is a personal choice. Many women who chose the professional path had to delay starting a family. This could sometimes be a bit of an internal struggle, wanting both, to be part of the business/professional world and wanting children at the same time. The child rearing is demanding, so many chose to establish themselves in the working world to a point, and them revert to have a family and stay at home. This is not by any means a women saying to their bosses I am not committed to work, it takes a lot of courage to walk away from a job you like to do and stay at home. but caring for one’s child is the most important work to be done. Many people cannot afford to do this, but if you can I think it is a commendable decision. Having the opportunity to stay at home with my child was the best thing for both of us. There were times when it seemed monotonous and you missed conversing in the adult world, but looking back I am grateful to have made this decision. I have seen the benefits that both my son and I have received from me being at home with him. I cherish those memories. They are not babies forever,you can return to the working world after they have grown some.

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