Kristin Clotfelter

The following is an example of NYS family policy that might adversely affect children AND their caregivers.

I was actually unaware that subsidized childcare programs existed in our city even though my low-income family likely qualifies for subsidized care. Though this article doesn’t focus on access to information, through my own experience, it is difficult to determine what social benefits we are eligible for. Especially as first time freelancing parents. We exist in a tricky middle ground where we cannot afford full-time childcare but struggle with only one income. As a result, I freelance when possible, but often this only allows me autonomy (certainly valuable) but not any additional income as we only break even when I work and have to pay a babysitter.

As a result, we frequently consider leaving the city and moving closer to free childcare (other family members). The more parents I meet, the more common this urban exodus seems.

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