Niurka gonzalez

After all the talks and readings of families, marriages and even divorce, it has come to my awareness that i myself am not ready for the “big package”. The big package being responsible for another human being and my future spouse. Im just not ready!

My parents asked me last night if I’m planning to settle down anytime soon (since my cousin is getting married next month). In a quick response I said no. How? If I cant even pay my credit card bill. The bill thats charging me $60 of late fees. I cant get my life straight anytime soon or maybe that just the negativity in me.

I still act like a kid, and the reason why I’m going through some money issues is because of the vacation I’m planning for next month.
I have a semester and a half of college left till i graduate ( I hope …), and after that its out to look for my career job. Ill be 25 by then, and all i can think of, is at the age of 25, i will love to have my own place. Okey… Maybe at age 26 (who am i joking )

In my generation of millennials, I am not the only one that thinks like this for my future. But i just wonder what are the reasons that made me change my mind so drastically. Because at age 10 I remember telling myself that at age 23 i would have already met “the one” and I would have been living happily ever after. Maybe that was just my young kid mind, telling myself. But what kid especially a girl hasn’t told herself that when she was young.

Has it been me witnessing all the divorce couples in my surroundings. Am i just afraid of committing ? Or is it my ambition for me earning my own money in order to pay my dream house/apt come in between.

The link below shows (after reading these articles, it made me feel much better of myself of saying i do, way later ) Statistics of millennials going through the same thought process/ situation as me

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  1. stephanieamis says:

    I totally agree, I’m not ready either. I think most girls have these fairytale dreams of meeting the one before age 25 and having children soon after. But once we reach adulthood, we find out how hard adulthood really is. With all the bills, indecisiveness, school, and trying to find a career… it becomes complicated. I would feel bad for bring a child into this world, without having my life together too. I think we as millennials… just know how unrealistic having children before financial stability is.


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