Stephanie Amis

After watching the video of another black man murdered in cold blood by the police. It’s evident that black men in general have it way harder than any other race. The emotions from black men and women as they watched another person of color, shot by white cops. I’ve read men expressing the urge to cry because they face that danger everyday. Mothers expressing anger because they fear for their black boys. It just make me wonder, what path will this lead to or what should be done.

Why do people continue to turn a blind eye to this injustice? Is it fair that this man’s criminal history is being shown on Fox News as a justification for his murder? Why is his mugshot shown on the news hours after his death, but Brock Turner mugshot took weeks to be shown. Maybe he shouldn’t have had a gun but how is he reaching for a gun when both his legs and arms are restrained to his sides by the officers? The cops told to him, to stop moving… While he asked them what did he do… No answer… Just bullets to Alton Sterling chest and back.

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  1. arodriguez1291 says:

    I too feel the same way. Men of minority are constantly being maimed or murdered by those are supposed to be protecting the people. The saddest part of it all, at least for me, was the fact that I was asking myself, “why did he resist? Why didn’t he just get on his stomach with his hands behind his back?”. As a man of color I always have to be prepared for police brutality- it’s my reality.

    Granted, he did have a gun on him. HOWEVER, two cops should know what to do in a situation like that. My bestfriend comes from a cop family so I know her immediate response is going to be “they’re trained to kill”. Fact is they’re trained to kill anyone else but white men.


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