I’ve been reading about protests happening all over the city, people getting arrested in Times Square, actions in Harlem… If you come across anything that you think some of us might like to participate in, please share it (I’m not on Twitter, which is where I imagine a lot of announcements happen…). Here are a couple I’ve come across…

Back To The Streets For EricGarner #2YearsLater July 17

Justice for Sandra Bland and All Black Women Killed by Police July 13


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1 Response to Protests

  1. Kristin says:

    Shishi Rose coordinated a protest for children.

    She points out, “If children of color can grow up in a system and experience racism then no, your white child is not too young to learn about racism and help fight against it.”

    My daughter doesn’t understand words yet, but I’m trying to imagine how I will talk to her about this violence, this injustice, these protests. A protest designed for children seems a good place to start. A community driven call to stand up and speak out.
    Perhaps social injustice is something parents and children truly need help from their communities to discuss, to question, to fight.


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