Stephanie Amis

There’s an officer in north little rock, Arkansas, that is making headlines around the world. I first heard about him over the weekend and decided to scroll through his instagram page to see what everyone was talking about. When I viewed the videos posted, I must say my heart melted at how invested and involved he was with those children. These children love him and look up to him. He is an example of how officers should engage in low income and minority neighborhoods. He is an example of truly serving and protecting his community.

His community trust him, they believe in him, they respect him. He invested his time and energy to get to know them and to interact with them. He didn’t just label them, like some officers, as people he needed to protect himself from. He took an oath and lived by it, to protect and serve the community he was assigned to patrol. His mission is really inspirational and shows there are some incredibly good cops in the world. I’ve been fortunate to encounter officers like him all my life. But I know everyone doesn’t and many people die at the hands of bad or fearful cops. I just wanted to shine some light on this officer and his efforts in inspiring change in to this world. Here are his Facebook and instagram pages.

Facebook: Officer Tommy Norman
IG: Tommy Norman (@tnorman23) • Instagram photos and videos


Tommy Norman (@tnorman23) • Instagram photos and videos

110% committed to Making A Difference! 🌎👮🏽Inspiring the world! My ❤️ belongs to Rosalynd. Snapchat: missiongi…

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